Garcia Exploration 52 NEW

$1,930,000Plus Delivery & NZ Taxes (if applicable)

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A sailboat for limitless Exploration. SAILING AROUND THE WORLD IN COMFORT. Very soon after the launch of their 45-footer, the Garcia Exploration 52 became an obvious addition. A big fifty-footer is exactly what you need to comfortably share your faraway journeys, whether high-latitude or tropical. While the first model in the range is ideal for a couple going around the world, the 52 can welcome family and friends for the time necessary to share the most beautiful places on our planet. The core of the Garcia Exploration concept remains unchanged. Only a little more than a metre of draft when it is necessary, it is indeed a centreboarder. The grey of the hull doesn’t hide the solidity of aluminium, even if the shapes carved by exceptional metalworkers could have been reminiscent of the precision of a moulded hull. Rudders and helm stations could only ever be in pairs for Olivier Racoupeau when it comes to controlling a modern, powerful hull with your fingertips!
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