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Marine Hub Ltd - Privacy Policy
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\r\n\tOur Privacy Policy is part of our Terms & Conditions. Please review this page periodically for any changes to this policy.\r\n<\/p>\r\n\r\n\r\n

How Marine Hub uses your information.<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tInformation is collected through your use of the Marine Hub website and services. This includes details provided for your registration and information gathered from your use of the website \r\n\tincluding but not limited to, listings viewed and searches made.\r\n\tBy using Marine Hub\u2019s services you agree that we can use your personal information:

\r\n\ta) To verify your identity.
\r\n\r\n\tb) To protect the safety, property and rights of Marine Hub, including but not limited to the Marine Hub website and services.
\r\n\r\n\tc) To protect the property, rights and safety of any Marine Hub user.
\r\n\r\n\td) To assist in enforcing and\/or applying our Terms and Conditions.
\r\n\r\n\te) To promote and\/or market Marine Hub or associated products and services to you.
\r\n\r\n\tf) To allow Marine Hub to use a third party for services provided.
\r\n\r\n\tg) For internal research purposes.
\r\n\r\n\th) For any other use that you authorise.

Public display of user personal information.<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

By voluntarily displaying your full name and contact phone number in the directory of services, within listings or any other area of the site publicly available, \r\nyou release Marine Hub from any liability for any consequences of this personal information being publicly available.
\r\nMarine Hub does not sell your personal information to third parties. Conditions in which your personal information may be released to third parties are:

\r\n\ta) When release is appropriate for law enforcement purposes including legal compliance and \/ or court proceedings.
\r\n\r\n\tb) To enforce or apply Marine Hub\u2019s Terms and Conditions.
\r\n\r\n\tc) To protect the rights and property of Marine Hub, our users and others.
\r\n\r\n\td) Where government agencies are legally empowered to request data from us, including but not limited to, the NZ Police, the Inland Revenue Department and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Use of your email<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tMarine Hub may send announcements, newsletters and other communications to its members. These will contain clear and obvious instructions for how the member can remove himself or herself from that mailing list.\r\n<\/p>

Membership registration<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tOur site's registration form requires you to provide us with contact information and may also require demographic information. Your contact information may also be used to contact you when necessary.\r\n<\/p>

Updating your personal information<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tYou can update your personal information, including changing your email address, password, phone number, etc. Marine Hub reserves the right to store previous information provided by you to ensure our Terms and\r\n\tConditions are complied with.\r\n<\/p>

Password security<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tThe security and use of your user name, email address and password is your responsibility. You should not disclose these details to any third party. Should you disclose these details, you accept liability for all actions taken with this information.\r\n<\/p>

Computer housekeeping<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tIt is good practice to protect against unauthorised access to your computer. Always logout when you have finished visiting the Marine Hub website particularly if you are working on a shared computer.\r\n<\/p>

Credit and debit card security<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tMarine Hub take all reasonable efforts to protect the security of your personal information, including credit and debit card information. We protect information during transmission by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts your information when transmitted over the Internet. Marine Hub does not retain any Credit Card details, however they may be held by Direct Payment Solutions (DPS). By using Marine Hub\u2019s services, you accept that we are not liable for any unauthorised use of your credit or debit card details obtained by any third party as a result of a cyber attack or by other illegal means.\r\n<\/p>

Cookies and local storage<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tCookies and local storage allow Marine Hub to store information (including your personal information) in a file on the device you use to access Marine Hub. \"Session\" cookies are used to temporarily store information to help you use Marine Hub. Session cookies expire immediately when you close your browser. \"Persistent\" cookies and local storage are used to: personalise user experience, help protect our members, provide usage information (how often members visit Marine Hub) and help identify users abusing Marine Hub services.\r\n<\/p>

Other information we collect<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tPersonal correspondence sent to Marine Hub by you or correspondence about your activities or postings on the Site provided by other users or third parties may be held in a file specific to you. Conversations from Customer service phone calls may also be held in a file specific to you.\r\n<\/p>

Cancelling Membership<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tRequests to cancel membership or have registration removed must be provided in writing by email to support@marinehub.co.nz<\/a>. \r\n<\/p>

Variations to this policy<\/strong><\/h4> \r\n

\r\n\tThis policy may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of Marine Hub. Any amendments take effect from the time they are published on the Marine Hub Website. You are deemed to accept the amended policy by your continued use of the Services provided by Marine Hub.\r\n<\/p>